We Are Addressing Significant Needs

College students stand at the crossroads of their lives. Behind them is a dependence on their parents, a set routine, and a life strategically planned for them, and before them lies endless possibilities, tough decisions, and complete independence. At this crossroads stands BCM, walking alongside students, sharing gospel truths, and urging them to grow in Christ, connect to His church, and serving His world.

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We Are Growing, Connecting, & Serving

Conway BCM shares a common mission statement with all other Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Arkansas:

“Exalting God through Growing in Christ, Connecting to His Church, and Serving His World”

Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ consists of Learning the Gospel, Relating in the Gospel, and Communicating the Gospel. At Conway BCM we strive to enable students to learn the truths of God, to build relationships centered around those truths, and to communicate the message of God.

Listed below are a few of the ways we strive to Grow Students in Christ

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Connecting to His Church


It is of utmost importance to us at Conway BCM that we strive to connect students to meaningful involvement in a local congregation of believers. BCM is not a church, but is a ministry of local churches across the state.

Check out a list of all the great local churches in our area:

Connect to a Church

Serving His World


Conway BCM has a rich heritage of mobilizing students to serving God locally, nationally, and globally. Many of our alumni were acquainted to God’s heart for missions during their time in BCM and are now serving across the world making the message of the gospel known. College offers unique opportunies to serve God as students are more available during their college years than they will be for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we challenge students to serve on Mini-Term Mission Trips such as Dnows, and Local Mission Projects, Short-Term Trips during Spring, Winter, and Summer Breaks, Mid-Term trips for whole summers, or Long-Term Trips for whole semesters or years.

Find out more about Conway BCM Missions on our Missions Page


We Are Part Of A Larger Movement

Arkansas Baptist Churches partner together in the Arkansas Baptist State Convention supporting 4 ministry teams.

The College + Young Leaders Team engages students in three different life stages:

To engage collegians CYL operates Baptist Collegiate Ministry and works to strengthen church based college ministries throughout the state.

Arkansas Campuses Engaged Through BCM

Collegians in Arkansas

We Are Financed by Individuals, Churches, Associations, and Arkansas Baptists.

There are 4 Different Ways in which BCM is supported financially, and it all begins with you.

Thank You For Giving To The Continued Ministry of BCM in Conway

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